Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Kaltrina Temaj

Master of Arts in Economic Development at Vanderbilt University

Ms. Kaltrina Temaj completed her bachelor studies in Applied Arts and Sciences at the American University in Kosovo. She worked as a business consultant for a Swiss Outsourcing company where she was able to conduct independent research on different development strategies for developing countries, which in turn increased her interest in the field of development economics. Ms. Temaj has currently been working on projects that aimed at lowering the level of unemployment in Kosovo such as �Mentoring and Coaching 200 start-up business grantees and 200 apprentices of Kosovo Youth Development Program� and projects that promoted the reintegration of repatriated citizens by offering them consultancy services to establish their own business in Kosovo. She plans to study Development Economics in the US in order to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to contribute to the development of the country through decision making and strategic planning.