Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Lor�z Qehaja

Master of Arts in Economic Development at Vanderbilt University

Ms. Qehaja graduated in Economic Development at Vanderbilt University. During the two years of study, Lorëz was voluntarily engaged with Project Pyramid Student Organization as VP of Finance. She estimated the budget needed to send 50 students over three continents in developing world. Furthermore, Project Pyramid team together with other students from Kosovo managed to establish a cooperation between Kosovo social enterprise SaPune and Vanderbilt University. In March 2017, a team of five Vanderbilt students visited SaPune and compiled a report for further organizational development and increase in employment.

As part of her Research Seminar class, she analyzed PISA 2015 data and estimated the influence of students' background, schooling institutions, and schooling resources on students' test scores in Kosovo. Together with another student, she also researched on the impact of corruption in higher education for post Soviet Union countries. 

Prior to Vanderbilt, Ms. Qehaja graduated in Economics and Statistics at RIT Kosovo. As part of Honor Society, she published a paper on Feasibility Studies on Agriculture Futures Commodities in Kosovo. Lorëz worked as an Account Manager at ProCon Group for two years.