Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Hadis Karatashi

Master of Arts in Public Administration at Missouri State University

Mr.Hadis Karatashi completed his bachelor studies at International Business College Mitrovica. Due to his exceptional academic performance he received a scholarship from the U.S Department of the State granting him one year of academic exchange scholarship at Maryville College Tennessee. Upon completion of his exchange year Mr. Karatashi returned back to Kosovo and graduated from International Business College Mitrovica. Shortly after graduation he started working for Universum College as an executive assistant, where he managed projects delegated by the management board of the college. Mr.Karatashi believes that the public sector in Kosovo needs intensive work and intervention for the betterment of the services offered to the citizens of Kosovo. Hereby, he has chosen public administration studies in order to gain skills and knowledge through the TLP-SP program in one of the U.S academic institutions. By advancing academically and professionally he is willing to give his contribution upon his return to Kosovo.