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Eset Berisha

International Legal Studies at American University

Mr. Berisha completed his certificate in Interantional Legal Studies at the American University.

He possesses an LL.B degree and a Master’s degree in European studies, and specialized in EU Law. He also attended studies in a two-year LL.M in Air & Space Law at the University of Ledien, Netherlands. He has 13 years of experience working for international and local institutions. He is currently employed by the Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs. He started as an Aviation Legal Affairs Officer and was promoted to the Head of Office. His desire is to pursue training in the field of Civil Litigation Certificate Program. According to Mr. Berisha, “There is evident lack of knowledge and skills of trial work. Many court litigations are conducted disproportionally in written depositions thereby limiting and underestimating the force of oral deposition and presentation of facts and evidence”.