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Dren Berisha

Professional Certificate in International Legal Studies focusing on the Rule of Law at American University

Mr. Dren Berisha completed his certificate in international legal studies and rule of law at American University. He works as a court interpreter and translator at EULEX.

He completed his bachelor studies In Management & IT and his master’s studies in Banking, Finance & Accounting, and recently LAW (LLB) in Iliria College. 

During his studies, he was he worked for various local and international organizations. He is currently working as Court Interpreter/Translator for EULEX. While Mr. Berisha has an educational background in Economics and Law, he hopes to further enforce and broaden his horizons with a certificate in international business law in the US. 

In the near future, he plans to open his own practice to improve the field of international business law and the current deficit of international contracting and intellectual property.