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Anyla Beqa

Master of International Economics and Finance at Johns Hopkins University

Ms. Anyla Beqa completed her Economic Statistics & Public Policy studies at RIT/A.U.K. As a result of her study commitment, she was awarded with highest honors from RIT and as an honor society student of AUK. Anyla started volunteering from an early age, now serving as the president of the Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo. She has been working on the energy sector for a while, now working as a project coordinator of an EU funded energy project at ATRC, Kosovo, where she continuously focuses on energy modeling and data analysis & projections for energy sector in Kosovo. Following her experience on econometrics, Anyla believes that a graduate degree in related field would only empower her expertise so far. As such, she wishes to further continue her education in econometrics related field of studies, hopefully with a subsequent knowledge and professional preparation upon her return in Kosovo.