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Adriana Sejfia

Master of Science in Software Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology

Ms. Adriana Sejfia graduated on May 2015 from RIT/AUK in IT and Economics. During her studies, Ms. Sejfia was an active member of MUN Club and VIS Moot Club. She has worked as web editor for the AUK Media Center and as a researcher for AUK. Currently she works as a researcher in GAP Institute. Ms. Sejfia co-founded Girls Coding Kosova, an initiative that attempts to eradicate gender discrimination in IT while offering trainings for girls in this field to improve skills needed in the market. Ms. Sejfia�s thesis focused on Health Information Systems suitable for Kosovo. Her thesis directed her focus towards the need Kosovo has for implemented information systems to improve its position in a competitive environment. While in U.S., she aspires to gain the know-how behind development and tailoring of large information systems. Based on the success GCK (Girls Coding Kosova) has had so far, Ms. Sejfia plans to help in its enlargement both in terms of members and scope upon her return.