Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Venera Fusha

Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Colorado State University

Ms. Fusha graduated Colorado State University with a Master of Business Administration in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise. 

Venera has 6 years of work experience in the business and entrepreneurship field. She started her career as project assistant for USAID's Young Entrepreneurs Program. She was responsible for the implementation of 33 entrepreneurship trainings involving 750 young entrepreneurs in all regions of Kosovo. 

After the project ended, she continued to support the “Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneur”, as the NGO's manager. She managed to attract 350 continuous members in the NGO and create a cooperative network among the NGO, the members and other national and international institutions in Kosovo. 

During her MBA program, she conducted market research for Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling LLC. Additionally, she and her team developed a business plan on plastic waste recycling into paving tiles targeted towards the Indonesian markets.

Her interests now consist on developing the social entrepreneurship field in Kosovo and trying to attract international and national financial support towards new start-ups created from young people in Kosovo. She also plans to work in the international development sector through international organizations that try to solve global issues such as economic and sustainable development, empowerment and integration.