Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Valbona Hoti

Social Entrepreneurship Program at San Diego State University

Ms. Valbona Hoti completed her undergraduate studies at American University in Kosovo with a double major in Management and Public Policy and minor in International Relations. 

Over the course of her undergraduate studies Ms. Hoti was engaged extensively in many extracurricular activities. During this time she also held leadership positions within different university clubs and charity clubs. She worked for the USAID – Basic Education Program as an intern, while currently she is working for GIZ as a Junior Advisor for the migration project and she is also a member at PIKS, a local youth NGO. 

She wishes to continue her studies in the field of Social Entrepreneurship in order to gain more knowledge in the field and continue to work with local NGO’s and make a positive change for the future of Kosovo. 

Also at San Diego State University