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Vahidin Qerimi

Certificate in Information Technology at Illinois Institute of Technology

Mr. Qerimi completed his certificate in Information Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

He completed an economics degree from the University of Prishtina with a concentration in Enterprise Information Systems. He later earned a Master’s degree in Customs and Forwarding from “Pjeter Budi” University focused on application of technological achievements for international trade facilitation. He provides expertise, management, supervision, consulting, implementation and support services for Customs and Tax Information Systems, and he has particular strength in project management, software development, database administration, hardware installation-configuration and other IT services.

In his current position as IT Quality Assurance Manager at Kosovo Customs, Mr. Qerimi is responsible for monitoring and mentoring different IT project teams and is involved in overseeing IT projects from conception phase to delivery. He also worked at the UNMIK Customs Administration as Head of Sector for Databases and Applications and for Adam Smith International in Kabul in an international project that supported the Revenue Department of the Afghan Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Qerimi also worked at the college “Pjetër Budi” as lecturer of Information Systems and Database Management Systems. He hopes to use his professional certificate experience to advance his skills in strengthening IT structure through implementation of new technologies, perform IT budgets and expenditure on hardware and software, procurement of IT hardware, software and maintenance products and services, and performing routine audits of systems and software throughout different institutions in Kosovo.