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While TLP-SP's scholarship component will form a cadre of transformational leaders to guide the development of Kosovo, our program also works on transforming the structure and culture of public higher education in Kosovo to enable domestic institutions to produce graduates able to meet the needs of the growing economy.

TLP-SP has partnered with four leading universities in the United States to work with four faculties in Kosovo's largest public university, the University of Prishtina. TLP-SP's partner universities in the United States are Arizona State University, Indiana University, the University of Minnesota and Dartmouth College.

Building a Stronger University of Prishtina & Public Education System

The University of Prishtinais the engine that drives Kosovo. Kosovo’s leaders from government, business, and civil society are products of the University of Prishtina. The university of choice for Kosovars, rich and poor, the University of Prishtinahas enormous impact socially and economically. TLP-SP administers a complex yet coordinated series of interventions that engage at every level of UP’s organizational chart. The program is building competence, accountability, entrepreneurship, and integrityand a public research university to build this country.


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