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Trim Ilazi

TESL/TEFL Certificate at San Diego State University

Mr. Ilazi completed his certificate in TESL/TEFL at the San Diego State University.

He holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Law and English Language and Literature from the University of Prishtina (UP), and he is currently a candidate for a Master’s in Translation and Interpretation at UP.  He is employed by the Peer Educators Network as Project manager for the European Commission project Making Sense.  He has also worked as an English teacher at Mileniumi i Tretë high school, Oxford Language Studio, and Cambridge Language School in Kosovo.

Mr. Ilazi believes that “pursuing a career in teaching means carrying the great burden and responsibility of ensuring that individuals receive proper education on a particular field, which will stimulate them to seek positive changes in society". He said that the certificate program helped him improve his performance when teaching English, one of his main activities in Kosovo.



Also at San Diego State University