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Mirishahe Syla

Master in Womenís & Gender Studies at University of Northern Iowa

Ms. Mirishahe Syla completed her Political Science studies at the University of Prishtina. During her studies as a result of her high GPA, she was twice awarded with a scholarship from the University of Prishtina. Simultaneously with her studies she worked in different projects at various NGOs, like the UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo. She is a board member at the Red Cross of Kosovo, after many years of her volunteer work there. She worked for Foundation Kosovo Luxembourg for six months till her current job now as a researcher at POLIS organization. She traveled abroad for youth projects, and this enabled her to see things from a different point of view. Her keen interest is Gender Studies and she is determined to work on this after she is back in her country. Her studies in the US will help her give more contribution upon her return.

Also at University of Northern Iowa