Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Second Scientific Summer Symposium hosted by the University of Prishtina

In July, the University of Prishtina hosted its second Scientific Summer Symposium at the Faculty of Education. Teaching staff at the faculty have done ongoing research work throughout the past year. The symposium served as a platform to celebrate and highlight that work, while also allowing researches to comment on each other’s projects.

These symposia are organized by the Transformational Leadership Program – Scholarships and Partnerships, through a partnership with Indiana University. While researchers from the Faculty of Education present their projects, the symposium’s keynote speakers contributed with methodological expertise.

The rector of the University of Prishtina, Marjan Dema, and the dean of the Faculty of Education, Ethem Ceku, welcomed professors and guests to the symposium and expressed their happiness and support for the wide range of research work being done at the faculty.

USAID Kosovo Economic Growth Office Director Brian Martalus also expressed his appreciation to the Faculty of Education and Indiana University for working together and hosting a successful Scientific Summer Symposium, for the second year in a row.

Through Indiana University’s partnership with the Faculty of Education, the two have worked closely together on seven research clusters on topics ranging from Kosovo’s natural heritage to its preschool education to discourse of historical books. The working groups have had weekly meetings while developing their research projects. Each research cluster is connected with a “consulting” faculty member from Indiana University’s School of Education.

One of the Transformational Leadership Program – Scholarships and Partnerships goals is to continue supporting and facilitating joint research projects between faculty at the University of Prishtina and partner universities in the United States.

The Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships (TLP-SP) is a partnership co-funded by USAID-Kosovo and the Government of Kosovo and administered by World Learning. The project, launched on February 24, 2014, will develop a cadre of leaders and equip the abilities of other Kosovars to drive change in priority economic, political, and social areas in Kosovo. Learn more at

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