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Mother of Three Excels at Business Analytics Studies with TLP-SP

“My day starts at 6 AM – and ends well past midnight most days now,” she says, nevertheless smiling and looking fresh and professional. “And how much coffee do you have during the day?” we ask, genuinely curious.

“Actually, I don’t drink any coffee!”

Metihe Kastrati is one of 185 Kosovars studying at the graduate school level in the United States under USAID’s Transformational Leadership Program – Scholarships and Partnerships. One semester into her blended master’s studies in business analytics at Iowa State University, the mother of three was selected as a merit student and boasts a transcript with straight As and a 4.0 GPA.

Metihe is a full-time student, a full-time mom, and a full time career woman. Her mornings start early and her evenings run late. Between her two hours of daily commuting, her eight hours at work and her precious family time, there is little room left for procrastinating and not spending every minute wisely. She works at the Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo as a marketing analyst.

“After work, I spend time with my husband and kids until about nine in the evening,” she explains. Metihe’s kids are all still very young; her eldest son is twelve; her daughter, seven; and her youngest son two years old. “We cook dinner and do homework together, At nine, my kids go to bed and I can finally focus on my studies.”


Metihe takes regular classes for her Master’s at Iowa State University. Her program in business analytics is blended: she spends her summer semesters in the United States, and her fall and spring semesters in Kosovo where she studies online. As a mother of three young children, the opportunity to study in a blended program with TLP-SP is the only way she could pull this off.

Her class at Iowa has students from all around the world – and for many of her classmates, she is their first introduction to Kosovo. In one class, her group of mainly east-Asian and Indian students won a business competition. They chose to name themselves the “Kosovo Group”.

The data-driven focus of her program has already allowed her to start applying her knowledge at her workplace and in her community. “I want to inspire women and mothers all around Kosovo to follow their passion,” she explains. “I want everyone to know that, the next time you make a decision to do something, don’t just make a decision to try doing that thing: rather, make a decision to succeed in it! Go all in! It might be hard at times – but it will all be so worth it. No road to success is lined with roses.”

The Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships (TLP-SP) is a partnership co-funded by USAID-Kosovo and the Government of Kosovo and administered by World Learning. The project, launched on February 24, 2014, will develop a cadre of leaders and equip the abilities of other Kosovars to drive change in priority economic, political, and social areas in Kosovo. Learn more at

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