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Kosovar Scholar Writes Award-Winning Paper on Legal History

While earning his master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh, USAID Transformational Leadership scholar Partin Pruthi enrolled in a seminar on Ancient Law by Prof. Bernard Hibbitts. Shortly after graduating, the University notified him that a paper he wrote for Hibbitts’ class was selected by faculty for the William Frederick Schulz, Jr. Legal History Award.

“The Ancient Law seminar dealt with the history of law in Europe and the Middle East during the pre-Hammurabi era and up to the fall of the Roman Empire,” explained Pruthi.

Partin’s award-winning paper was on Financial Regulations in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. “My legal interest is in finance,” he said, describing his research area. “I thought it would be interesting to research the first instances of legal regulations for finance.”

Pruthi looked at many financial regulation mechanisms in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, including coins, assets, leases or interest-calculating tools.

“Because Greece was a democracy, it had a much more regulated financial sector,” said Pruthi. “Rome, on the other hand, had more advanced concepts in use. However, since Rome at the time had a king, not many regulations were written down. I assume they were rather just spoken out.”

His paper argues that the first instance of financial regulations were coins and interest-calculations. “It’s interesting because although these concepts and tools existed, it took some time for them to be understood and be widely used. This is what we’re experiencing today with virtual currencies.”

Pruthi’s complete paper is available here.

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