Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Leadership Development Program at University of Prishtina will Stimulate Kosovo’s Higher Education System

Besnik Loxha wrapped up the University of Prishtina (UP) career fair last week with a smile on his face.

As UP’s Director of the Office for Academic Development, he was both proud and excited to share the spotlight with the Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships (TLP-SP).

“This year’s event was more effective, because I did a better job in planning and in delegating responsibilities to my staff and student interns,” said Loxha, explaining how he applied lessons learned from TLP-SP’s certificate program in leadership and change management.

“Thanks to the new skills that I gained at the seminar, I felt more confident and relaxed,” he said.

In January, Loxha participated in the TLP-SP-led Leadership and Change Management Training Program with other participants, all mid to upper-level managers from UP’s central administration.

Returning to their respective positions managing centers, institutes and in other key administrative roles at UP with a renewed sense of vision for their university and Kosovo, Loxha and fellow inaugural training group members were also paired with mentors from Kosovo and the USA.

The program aims to fundamentally shift the organizational culture at the University of Prishtina so that graduated managers can be better bosses, collaborators, and entrepreneurs in Kosovo.

TLP-SP organized the Training Program with the guidance of their chief higher education expert, Dr. Edward Cooper, who also designed and delivered the program,

Based upon his 45 years of experience in higher education and business, Dr. Cooper recommended “The Leadership Challenge” — an effective leadership development approach used by universities, business schools, and high-performing organizations across the USA and world.

According to Cooper, “the leadership program is meant to engage participants in a formative process of personal and team development so they can be more effective, take risks, experiment, design, create, and take responsibility for the future development of the University and Kosovo”.

The method includes five fundamental aspects — modeling, inspiring, challenging, enabling, and encouraging — based on work by Kouzes and Posner (link!) for an outcome Cooper said, “is not about traditional top-down models, but rather about building a shared vision and a culture of collaboration and trust”. Over the next three years, TLP-SP plans to train scores of UP’s professional and teaching staff, eventually extending the programs to other public universities.

Ultimately, TLP-SP plans to develop the local capacity to deliver leadership training to other institutions in Kosovo and neighboring countries.

The Leadership Challenge Seminar is offered by World Learning which manages USAID’s Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships. The project is co-funded by USAID Mission in Kosovo and the Government of Kosovo - Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

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