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Transformational Leaders Return Home

Two years ago today, forty-six Kosovars prepared to embark on their Master’s studies in the United States, as part of the first cohort scholarship recipients in USAID’s Transformational Leadership Program.

Fast-forward to today, and the forty-six scholars are approaching the end of their programs and have begun returning to Kosovo. The students attended Master’s programs in 19 different states, scattered across the United States. The largest number of students attended programs at universities in New York and Illinois.


The students attended programs at 27 different universities, including the University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University and New York University. The average GPA during the students’ studies was an outstanding 3.7 on the US’s 4-point scale.

During their time in the United States, the students took the opportunity to attend and present at various conferences, participate in and lead numerous extracurricular activities at their universities, complete internships and research assistantships, and to engage in volunteer work.

Their shared experience in the United States provided an opportunity for the students to work closely together in class and beyond, and to form solid friendships with one another, transcending ethnic stereotypes.

In line with the Transformational Leadership Program’s goal to identify and place persons from underserved communities in Kosovo, thirty-two of the forty-six students belong to at least one underserved community (69.6%). Twenty-five students are women, five came from rural backgrounds, four are ethnic minorities, and two are persons with disabilities.

Of those identifying as ethnic minorities, two are Serbian, one is Roma and one is Turkish.


More students completed master’s degree studies in Business Management and Public Administration (at 19.6% each) than in any other area. The next three most popular areas of study were Economics, Education and International Relations.


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