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Thirty Kosovo Educators Complete Second Phase of CTE Training

Dr. Eda Vula’s time is precious.

As a vice rector at the University of Prishtina (UP), Kosovo’s largest public university, she oversees Teaching Issues at the University in addition to her duties as a professor of mathematics and a researcher.

But the former Faculty of Education vice-dean took a few minutes to discuss UP’s Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and it brought a sparkle to her eye.

Last year, she said, the rectorate was approached by the Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships (TLP-SP) to collaborate on University-Wide Activities development.

After engaging a coordinator, Dr. Vula and her team then began to develop a strategy plan and website while organizing a series of three training modules with TLP-SP support.

Twenty-four educators earned certificates in the first training inearly December 2015, and throughout the last week of January, another thirty professors and teaching assistants took part in the second module.

The second group was honored with a certificate ceremony on Tuesday, February 9th (pictured above).

The participants were led through modules by professor and Fulbright scholar Heather McCollum and UP professors Vjollca Krasniqi, Naser Zabeli, Blerim Saqipi, Dr. Shykrane Germizaj, and Dr. Naser Sahiti.

The participants, representing both public and private institutions including UP, University of Gjilan, AAB College, University of Mitrovica, University of Gjakova and FAMA College, learned through interactive group work and presentations on topics in research and teaching, ethics, assessment, and professor-student relations.

“I think it was especially interesting and useful for the professional academic staff, such as those in medicine, dentistry because they did not have teaching method classes during their studies,” said Bicaj, a former UP professor and current pedagogy lecturer at FAMA College

She was a member of the first participant group and was impressed by the trainers’ “creativity”.

“It was something new, something that we needed,” she said.

Dr. Vula, who—along with the UP professor-trainers—is a member of the UP CTE Advisory Board and a certified CTE trainer with experience in training activities from 2000, also applauded the seminar content and trainers for offering “a more quality model and training”.

She looks forward to further development of the CTE website and the third training in March “to offer different models for different needs and cases”.


Image above portrays the certification ceremony for the second group of CTE trainees which tookplace on Tuesday, February 9th, with UP Rector Ramadan Zejnullahu, vice rector Eda Vula, CTE advisory board members and TLP-SP representatives present.

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