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UP and Indiana University Faculty Exchange Visits Take Place

In late October, faculty members from the University of Prishtina returned from a site visit to the Faculty of Education’s partner institution, University of Indiana (UI) - Bloomington.

One of the first faculty exchanges between UP and UI, Kosovo’s visiting team was made up of Majlinda Gjelaj, Vice Dean for Teaching, and Naser Zabeli, Director of the Pedagogical Institute.

“We saw good practices that could be adapted and be very useful for us,” said Gjelaj, naming areas such as course preparation, accreditation, counseling, international cooperation, and research.

“This partnership is bringing us new ideas regarding group research between faculties. Also we see a lot of benefit regarding literature that will be offered to us,” she said.

Gjelaj and Zabeli’s time at IU followed an eight-week study visit by IU Professor Jeff Anderson to the UP Faculty of Education (FE) in September where he interacted with individuals and small groups from the FE’s two research-focused Scholarly Learning Communities (SLC) in weekly seminars.

The seminars were opened to the entire FE during Jefferson’s visit and provided SLC members with the opportunity to share their research and promote discussions about ideas, methodology, and study design.

The meetings stimulated reflective dialogue about research among the faculty in general and created opportunities for experienced researchers to assist newer faculty to develop their research skills.

Even after Jefferson’s departure, SLCs continue to meet regularly to support each other’s research. They also plan to host one research seminar each month during the academic year.

The seminars will eventually develop into programs that will allow doctoral students and interested master’s level students to participate directly in research discussions while connecting with likeminded faculty.

“Our Faculty needs good research on education and to increase cooperation between the staff regarding research so we see this opportunity as beneficial,” said Gjelaj. “I think that SLCs will help faculties to do better research and share opinions in an open way”.

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