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University Partnerships Professor Exchange Begins


Last Thursday, 13 August, a pre-departure orientation was organized for the first group of visiting professors from University of Prishtina (UP) to University Partners in the United States.

Two professors from UP Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary and three from the UP Faculty of Engineering will spend half and full semesters at their partner institutions, University of Minnesota (UMN) and Arizona State University (ASU).

The pre-departure orientation session wasdesigned to help participants better understand program objectives, administrative and policy rules, and academic and socio-cultural life in the United States.

During their time on the campuses, the visiting professors will attend classes selected with the help of Partner University mentors to help develop curricula and teaching methods for new courses at UP. At UMN, the visiting professors and partner team will also explore possibilities for joint research projects.

Four of the visiting professors departed for the United States over the weekend, and the fifth is expected to join colleagues by the end of the month. The exchanges will conclude in October and December, and the visiting professors will return to UP to help drive forward higher education in Agriculture and Engineering in Kosovo.


The University Partnerships portion of the Transformational Leadership program also fosters growth in other key-need areas of Education and Economics through partnerships between respective UP Faculties and Indiana University and Dartmouth College. The latter institutions will begin their first professor exchanges this fall and in Spring 2016.

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