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Florentina Dushi

Assessment Certification Workshop and Coaching for Greater Effectiveness at Center For Creative Leadership

Ms. Florentina Dushi completed her certificate in Assessment Certification and Coaching for Greater Effectiveness at the Center for Creative Leadership. 

She has more than 9 years of experience in developing and implementing HR processes and training programs within the banking, private and NGO sector in Kosovo, Latin America and Western Europe. She has experience in leading international-funded projects aiming to support the development of SM in Kosovo. She is a co-founder and Director at the Business Development Institute, and holds an MA degree on Organizational Psychology gained at Ludwig Maximillian’s University. She also completed Procredit Bank’s in-house Academy focusing on financial management. She is a lecturer at the “Dardania College” teaching Organizational Behavior, Career Counselling, Leadership and Organizational Development. She was a speaker at TEDx Prishtina 2013 on Entrepreneurial Creativity.

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