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Fjolle Caka

Master in Sustainable Urban Planning at The George Washington University

Ms. Fjollë Caka has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture obtained at University of Prishtina, with a postgraduate semester in Spatial Planning completed at Vienna University of Technology. Since 2012, she has been involved in different projects related to urban planning and design, cultural heritage, places of memory/remembrance, and architectural events’ coordination. Her latest achievement as a young architect has been the curator nominee for Kosovo Pavilion in Venice Biennale by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in 2014. Currently, Ms. Caka is an MSc candidate in Architecture and also a Sociology student, both at her home university. She is working as Project Coordinator at Kosovo’s Architecture Foundation in “The Civic Right to Public Space and Social Housing” project. Interested in contributing towards a sustainable development of the built environment and a better quality of life, Ms. Caka wishes to enrich herself academically and professionally by pursuing postgraduate studies in Urban Studies and Planning.