Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Filip Karamarkovic

Graduate Certificate in US Culture and Education at Middle Tennessee State University

Mr. Filip Karamarkovic completed Art History studies at the University of Pristina in North Mitrovica. During his studies he was engaged in different kinds of work, as an Art Historian and in Physiotherapy. 

He worked in the Alternative Cultural Center in Gracanica, and was involved in projects, activities and events which contained art exhibitions of local and foreign artists, art colonies, and art workshops. After completing his studies, he worked as a honorary editor of the cultural department of socially-informative internet portal - infokm028, started an internship at City Museum of North Mitrovica in order to acquire his license as a Curator, and finished the Professional Course - Conservation and Restauration of Ceramics in Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade. 

He wishes to acquire knowledge form U.S. educational institutions and implement it to the Kosovo society and institutions building up a brighter future for the multiethnic country.

Also at Middle Tennessee State University