Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships

Adrijan Seferi

Master in Cyber Forensics and Security at Illinois Institute of Technology

​ Mr. Seferi completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Prishtina in 2014. Recently, he is worked as a Software Security Analyst for a German company in Ferizaj. Besides having a full time job there, he is also part of the LIMAK Airport Services Institute at Prishtina International Airport.

He believes that this program will provide him with the in-depth knowledge and the advanced training he needs to develop the necessary skills and expertise in the field. His research interests lie in application of sound principles to the synthesis and analyses of computer systems.

He is also interested in practicing innovative thinking and believes that encouraging scientific and technological developments is key to making Kosovo a capable competitor in the international scene. Another of his goals is to help foster a teamwork culture, thus allowing Kosovo institutions to be market trend savvy and part of modern world processes.